Thursday, October 23, 2014

Democrats Display of Courage is Long Overdue and Maybe Too Late

When you pretty much have the upper hand on almost every issue, then why should your party lose seats?

It shouldn't.

You can blame billionaire right wing propaganda and low information voters and on and on.

But there's one thing the Democrats have to blame themselves for.  Lack of Courage.

If the voter doesn't think you believe in your own policies, why should they?  Obama is an excellent president but a poor salesman.  Congressional and Senate Democrats are even worse.

They are losing the debate to a Party that offers basically no solutions to anything, not the economy, not environment, not foreign policy.  But the Republicans have limitless courage in saying the most outlandish things.

A lot of races are still winnable, within a few points, but time is running out, and continued back peddling will not win the day.

I watched  Jeanne Shaheen debate that guy who tried to hang on in Massachusetts.  She's doing very well and NOT running away from Obamacare.

Too many political consultants fouling up Democrats' brains.  Time to dump the lot.