Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Clinton vs. Trump--Policies are Number 1

Charges are flying furiously in the Clinton vs. Trump campaign  and it is important to know which charges are valid and important and which are not.

But voters first task is to check the promised policies to see if they respond to the needs of the nation.
On that score, Hillary beats the Donald hands down.

Taxes--In an economy where growth is not getting into the middle class, Trump promises another round of trickle down with drop of 6.6 percent for the top incomes.

Environment--Trump views climate change as a hoax and therefore sees no reason to address it, even though the main measures (renewable energy sources, improved energy efficiency, better land use) to mitigate climate change are justified even without any consideration of climate change mitigation.

Foreign policy--In addition to insulting Muslims and others which would make people less receptive to adopting American values, Trump trashes the Iran Nuclear Deal, which, so far has accomplished two critical goals:  avoiding war with Iran and halting their nuclear weapons program.

Trade and immigration--Trump might have some points here that the Democrats have to answer to (and may in the upcoming debates), but his views are so extreme (deportation of 11 million people and building a 1,989 mile wall) and the possibility of implementation so remote as to render his main initiatives, at best curious.

Taken together, on a policy level, Donald Trump does not present a viable candidacy.

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