Saturday, October 29, 2016

11 Days to Election Day--Outsiders Should Not Be Allowed to Swing Our Election

Sometimes outsiders who are no friends of the U.S. have a preference for who leads the U.S.  We know Russia's favorite is Donald Trump.

We have a responsibility as Americans not to  reward those outsiders for their mischief and general desire to see a weaker U.S.

The Russian government through hacking and wiki leaks is combining to try to make Donald Trump president of the U.S.

Voters have to be really on their guard on this.

On top of that, extreme partisans in the U.S. government opposing Hillary Clinton are perfectly fine with using whatever ammo the Russians can provide their quest for the White House.  Even if Hillary Clinton wins, more investigations have been promised to throttle her administration. 

Is this the type of change voters want?

Hillary Clinton can make some bad judgements for sure and her email woes are one of them, but that should not tilt your vote to the far more flawed, Russian favorite, Donald Trump.

Last I heard, the U.S. was a sovereign nation.

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