Friday, November 4, 2016

4-days Before the Election: The Main Stream Media Deserves More Blame for Trump Than You Think (Despite their preference for Hillary)

While it's almost certain that a vast majority of the MSM will or have voted for Hillary, their actions have brought Trump to the verge of the presidency.

They allowed themselves to be wholly manipulated during the Republican primaries to the point that other Republican candidates were completely displaced in media coverage.  Outrageous statements won the day in terms of media coverage.  While commentary and coverage helped spark outrage, the real effect was to put Trump on top, damaged as he was. 

He is now a Personality Cult

And this came at the expense of policy, which, at the end of the day, is what matters most. 

In all the saturation coverage of Trump, did you ever hear a journalist press him for evidence as to why he knows that NAFTA cost jobs (as opposed to advances in technology and other factors). 

Was he ever pressed on why another round of tax cuts for the rich, at a time when we have extremely lopsided wealth in this country, would produce different results than the tax cuts of George W. Bush?

Or was he ever pressed on why he has better scientific evidence than 98 percent of scientists on climate change, who evidently are part of a giant hoax?

No, no and no.

Frankly, with Trump we don't even get to temperament before he is disqualified.

And now in the waning days of the campaign, rogue FBI officials have circulated rumors and even opened a new review of Hillary's emails.

And without any substance whatever, the frenzied MSM is running with this story and it is having an impact on the polls. 

What if they gave this story the attention it deserved....a passing mention.  That would be responsible journalism.

Whatever happens in the election, we need a revolution in the media.  Stay tuned for what that revolution will be about.

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