Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Don't be a Trump Chump

The election is over, but the publicity stunts keep coming.  The Carrier jobs story is only the latest.  Aside from the exaggerations of the numbers of jobs saved, we also don't know the cost to the country in tax breaks and so forth.  What we do know is that for Trump to equal the net job creation under President Obama, Trump will have to replicate this feat 18,000 more times.  Call us when you've done that, Mr. President-elect.

We will be subjected to many more cons and outright falsehoods in the months and years to come.  Our public debate will continue to be defiled. 

If there is one thing I would counsel during this 'time of troubles' is skepticism toward anything and everything that Trump says.

What counts is what he does.  So far, what he has done is appoint.  And that speaks volumes about prospects for our nation.  From general Flynn, to Scott Pruitt at EPA, WWE executive at SBA, on and on and on.  That's only the beginning.

Our country is about to take a giant step backwards, all while our problems get worse.  Our only hope is damage control, not a very bright future.

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